Unlimited Computer Service

Mike Mathis Owner of Mathis Consulting LLC

Unlimited Computer Service

Mike Mathis Owner of Mathis Consulting LLC

Have you ever wanted to try out a managed computer service without signing your life away?

It is near impossible to get to know a computer service provider well enough to make a great decision about hiring them until you are already about three months into working with them. 

That is why we created a contract-free moth to month service… We will come in and solve whatever problems you have, you can get to know us, discover how quickly we can solve problems, and get you back to work.  And if we provide enough value then you simply keep us… if not we will walk away with no strings (or software) attached.

Try our services to experience on-demand IT service without the cost of a dedicated employee.  If we can provide enough value, and we fit well in your business then we will continue on… if not you can leave at any time.

We don’t believe in keeping customers bound up in contracts.   We believe that if we are not valuable then you should be free to move on, we only ask for 30 days notice to allow for a smooth transition.

In the world of managed computer services, the first three months are by far the most expensive and time-consuming (for us).  The first months are spent learning all about your business, fixing any major issues, and getting everything stable.  It is also my favorite part as I get to know the people and learn all about the business.

We are offer service to new customers with a minimum of 3 computers. 

We charge $75 per computer and $150 per server per month for all onsite and remote support and $5/month per mailbox for companies that have users that operate on mobile devices rather than computers.  This flat fee covers all remote and on-site support.

We look forward to helping you succeed. Call

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