We are a managed IT Service provider that started in 2012.  We now work locally in Kyle Tx. Our customers have ranged from local stores, dental offices, construction companies, law offices, manufacturers, and adoption agencies. 

In addition to IT Service, we also handle web marketing and local search optimization for some of our customers.

We now serve Kyle Texas and the immediately surrounding areas Buda, South Austin, San Marcos, and San Antonio with IT Services and we are located right off 35 at the border of Kyle and Buda.

We have resolved to make our primary focus Kyle despite the fact that the surrounding areas have a lot of businesses. We believe that Kyle and Buda are some of the best places in the US to set up or move a business.  Between the tax rates and proximity to Austin and San Antonio, it is not surprising that Amazon just set up a distribution center in Kyle.  

The population of Kyle went from 5,314 in 1990, to 52,300 in 2020 inside the city limits.

Our team is made up of both onsite and remote support people.  We utilize remote management tools to take care of most issues immediately as they come up.  But we really enjoy coming in to spend time with people as often as we can.

Mike Mathis Owner of Mathis Consulting LLC


Mike Mathis founded Mathis Consulting in March of 2012 after leaving another computer consulting firm.  It took about three years to build up a solid customer base in the Temecula Valley.  

In July of 2017 after returning home from the Philippines on a missions trip, we went through an electrical fire. It did not destroy anything of great value but it caused us to re-think how we do business (as major life events often do).  

From that point, we started using an MSP platform called Ninja RMM to more effectively support our clients, and we decided to offer more services but focus only on businesses.  We also began moving away from hourly services and switched to a flat fee as that was far more effective for our new focus.

As we moved further into a business-focused model we hired some support professionals from Cebu (in the area we go in the Philippines) both for added IT support and for website development, SEO, and Video Production.  

In 2020 we (along with our customers) faced unique challenges that again caused us to stop and re-evaluate our direction.  My son James was out of work in the restaurant business, and he started aggressively building a foundation in the IT Support realm.  He quickly began doing onsite projects for Mathis Consulting.  

Between March and July of 2020 we managed to find and purchase a home in Kyle Texas. James and Josiah (my two oldest boys) were able to find a place to live in Murrieta while going to college and working. Meanwhile, I moved with my wife Kendra and my three younger boys to Kyle Texas.

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So far the move has proven to be a wonderful experience for our family and Mathis Consulting has been able to continue operating at 100% with the help of James on our onsite support.  We have been pushing hard to prepare this website, local listings, and other elements like reforming the company as a Texas S corp “Mathis Consulting LLC” and the many details that go along with moving.


Mike Mathis, Owner and Computer Consultant.

Mike is focused on building a company that is people-focused while bringing incredible value to every organization we serve.  

Mike is married with five boys and has invested the majority of his time in his family and church.  He has been a musician all of his life.  

Technology as it relates to communication is the focus that Mike has spent his career working to perfect.

Web Designer

Jarell and Amalia, Web Design and Development

Jarell was the first of our partners from the Island of Cebu and we have enjoyed the opportunity to not only work together on many web projects but eat dinner together.  Jarell has created over a thousand WordPress sites and continues to build amazing websites for e-commerce and other types of businesses.

Jarell and Maix2 have a son who is about to graduate from high school.  Jarell is also a musician and singer… and he may be the biggest Filipino I have ever met.

Maricris Suliva, Executive Assistant & Level 1 Technical Support

Maricris finished her Masters’s Degree in Counseling in 2019 and came on board with us in 2020 during the shutdown.  We were looking for the chance to bring her on the team ever since we started taking trips to Cebu in 2017.

Maricris has worked across many different areas of the company.  Handling parts of accounting, working on local SEO projects, and jumping in on IT support.  During the last year, she has become our primary Phone and remote Tech support while also moving into the role of Executive Assistant.

She is fluent in speaking English, Tagalog, Cebuano, and Japanese.

James Mathis, Onsite & Hardware support for Southern California.

Jumping in with both feet after the beginning of 2020, James has proven to be extremely valuable on our team.  The combination of having amazing remote tools and having James to take care of local hardware issues has enabled Mathis Consulting to relocate to Kyle Texas.

James loves Starbucks coffee, gaming, and building really fast computers.  And… like father like son, James is a bass player.

Daniel Etuk, SEO & Adwords Manager

As we have moved further into the world of both organic and paid advertising it has been extremely helpful to have Daniel working with each campaign and monitoring the many analytics that they produce in order to optimize our efforts.

Daniel has invested a lot into the local COVID efforts in Cebu City to help the local community with testing and medical assistance.

Arci Gutierrez, Video production and Graphics Design

Having a background in TV and Movie production Arci gets to have the most fun for sure.  He is currently working to design and produce Video ads as well as images for our campaigns as well as several other video projects.  Our latest project is producing content at a local organization for a TV show and YouTube channel.

Arci has one daughter and lives in Manila about an hour or so by flight north of Cebu.

In 2020 we have developed a team with James Mathis performing onsite in Temecula CA and the surrounding areas, Mike Mathis is performing Onsite service in Kyle TX just south of Austin, Maricris is handling aspects of our remote support from Cebu.  Also in the Philippines our web team lead by Jarell, is handling Web Design and updates, Arci handles Video Production and artwork, Daniel handles SEO, Adword management, and Mike Mathis along with Chrislie and Maricris oversee the projects and communication aspects.

We are looking forward to the upcoming years as we develop our team and become as efficient as possible to meet the needs of our customers.

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