Why Managed IT Service?

Think of the idea of having access to a full-time IT staff that will jump into your computer with you at a moment’s notice to assist you with whatever you need.  Think of having someone who will help you deal with the internet, email, file sharing, phone systems, and other technology vendors on your behalf.

Imagine calling someone who genuinely cares about you, and is willing to help you regardless if it is a simple how-to question, fixing software problems, or a complex solution that you need.

As needed they come out personally to configure computers printers and devices when you add or change something.  All this while monitoring your computers and making sure your data is backed up.

Then (in our case) we add a business consultant that has over 20 years of experience not only in technology but web marketing, business strategy, and business networking of both people & products.  Regardless of the size of your organization, you get the same service because the price is simply a flat monthly rate per computer.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet you soon.

Five things to consider when finding the right IT Service in Kyle TX

1. Find a Provider who will take the time to know you and understand goals of your business.  The best IT Service providers will get to know the entire organization and what makes you profitable. They not only find you the right tools, but they take the time to come alongside you to discover what you need to accomplish your goals.  Sometimes this means finding ways to improve internal/external communication.  Sometimes speeding up order fulfillment, other times finding the best ways to innovate a product or service.  IT Support people often have a needed perspective because we spend our lives supporting good and bad products.

2. They know many solutions and are willing to explore unknown solutions.  One of the most difficult parts of running an IT business is keeping up with the hundreds of solutions that are developed every year and the thousands of changes inside those solutions.  Finding balance requires the IT service provider to separate themselves from loving just one product (that pays them the most) or simply sticking with what they know when the customer needs a solution outside that box.

3. An IT service model that fits you.  The two common extremes are the geek stores that simply want to sell you new hardware, and large IT firms that try to force unnecessary solutions on you.  We often find businesses that have been sold the wrong solution for a problem.   Or a firm has installed servers and virtual environments in businesses that do not need them.  A balanced IT service will look at your business as if they owned it and then apply the best solutions that are available.  Our favorite model is a simple flat fee that grows with your business.  This gives you unlimited access to support and creates the best possible environment for you to leverage technology.

4. Simple as possible solutions.  Sure some organizations can profit from complex local domain configurations but most small and medium businesses can leverage software as a service tools such as Office 365, Google G-Suite, and require little to no back-end server maintenance.  Some exceptions are Quickbooks or medical/dental software but even in those cases, the configurations can be simple.

5. Find a like-minded local businesses Our focus is on the growing City of Kyle TX as many companies are taking advantage of lower taxes and lower office expenses while still being less than 30 minutes from Austin, San Marcos, New Braunfels, and San Antonio.  

Mathis Consulting LLC is a managed IT service provider that focuses on building long-term relationships with people who run quality organizations.  Our pricing is based on an affordable flat monthly rate per computer.  Our tools allow us to manage, support, and monitor computers so we can instantly jump in and help while having amazing visibility and resources at our fingertips.

We hope to come alongside your company as a partner in growth and profitability. 

Call 512-820-7196 to set up a phone or in-person appointment for Web Marketing & IT Services.

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Our customers have ranged from local stores, dental offices, construction companies, law offices, manufacturers, and adoption agencies.  Now we primarily serve Kyle Texas and the immediately surrounding areas with IT Services

Many of our customers have become close friends over the years. We realize that technology is only really helpful as it serves to build communication and relationships.  We love to come alongside businesses and fully understand the IT Support needs and overall business goals in order to strategically work towards achieving them.

Managed Service Provider
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Mathis Consulting provides web design & marketing services for leveraging teams that focus on Design, graphics & video production as well as search engine optimization and telling a company’s story.

Mike Mathis (the owner) started Mathis Consulting as a DBA in Southern CA at the beginning of 2012 and has been working in the industry for over 20 years.  As the company has grown the cost to do business and disconnect between our core values, and the values of the state, brought us to move Mathis Consulting to Kyle TX in 2020.

Yes, we have a great customer base of businesses, manufacturers, and even non-profit organizations that we support.

Our primary focus is on building relationships with the people we serve and looking for ways to provide practical solutions that meet people where they are.

Mike’s first goal was to come to serve alongside David Mathis (Mike’s brother) at Hope Church Kyle.  As we have looked, the City of Kyle is a small town with very few IT Support options, and it is potentially one of the best places in America to set up or move a business.  So you may call us a bit “forward-thinking” but we believe that serving the local community in Kyle and Buda is the best fit for us.

We love the conservative culture, Like-minded people, freedom, and the overwhelming love for America by the community.  We love the BBQ, the church, and most of all being close to family.